SDB - Bilancio Srl - 2021

SDB - Bilancio Srl - 2021

martedì 24 maggio 2022

Letteratura scientifica

Letteratura scientifica 
  1. 3D evaluation of the morphological and volumetric changes of the tongue and oral cavity before and after orthognathic surgery for mandibular prognathism: a preliminary study. Teramoto et al. Progress in Orthodontics (2020) 21:30
  2. Accuracy of interproximal enamel reduction during clear aligner treatment. De Felice et al. Progress in Orthodontics (2020) 21:28
  3. A prospective clinical trial of the effects produced by the extrusion arch in the treatment of anterior open bite. Brito Vasconcelos et al. Progress in Orthodontics (2020) 21:39
  4. Allergies/asthma and root resorption: a systematic review. Santos et al. Progress in Orthodontics (2021) 22:8
  5. Clinical comparison between MultiStranded Wires and Single strand Ribbon wires used for lingual fixed retainers. Arash et al. Progress in Orthodontics (2020) 21:22
  6. Comparison of the accuracy of bracket positioning between direct and digital indirect bonding techniques in the maxillary arch: a three-dimensional studyAboujaoude et al. Progress in Orthodontics (2022) 23:31
  7. Dentoskeletal effects of early class III treatment protocol based on timing of intervention in children. Nucci et al. Progress in Orthodontics (2021) 22:49
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  10. Fluorescence-aided removal of orthodontic composites: an in vivo comparative study. Albertini et al. Progress in Orthodontics (2022) 23:16
  11. Impact of the prefabricated forms of NiTi archwires on orthodontic forces delivered to the mandibular dental arch. Tachi et al. Prog Orthod. (2021) 22:41
  12. Large overjet as a risk factor of traumatic dental injuries: a prospective longitudinal study. Schatz et al. Progress in Orthodontics (2020) 21:41
  13. Management of medical emergencies in orthodontic practice. Amiri Bavandpour et al. Progress in Orthodontics (2020) 21:25
  14. Mandibular incisor inclination and gingival recession after treatment with the Jasper Jumper: a 10-year follow-up. Moura et al. Progress in Orthodontics (2021) 22:45
  15. Mini-implant assisted rapid palatal expansion (MARPE) effects on adult obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and quality of life: a multi-center prospective controlled trial. Brunetto et al. Progress in Orthodontics (2022) 23:3
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  17. Perception of quality of life by children and adolescents with cleft lip/palate after orthodontic and surgical treatment: gender and age analysis. Ruiz-Guillén et al. Progress in Orthodontics (2021) 22:10
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  24. The impact of the loss of first permanent molars on the duration of treatment in patients treated with orthodontic space closure and without skeletal anchorageCardoso et al. Progress in Orthodontics (2022) 23:32
  25. The infuence of malocclusion on social aspects in adults: study via eye tracking technology and questionnaire. Gasparello et al. Progress in Orthodontics (2022) 23:4
  26. Three-dimensional assessment of two different canine retraction techniques: a randomized split-mouth clinical trial. Akın and Camcı Progress in Orthodontics (2021) 22:24
  27. Tomographic assessment of palatal suture opening pattern and pterygopalatine suture disarticulation in the axial plane after midfacial skeletal expansion. Colak et al. Progress in Orthodontics (2020) 21:21
  28. Unilateral sagittal split osteotomy: effect on mandibular symmetry in the treatment of class III with laterognathia. Abou Chebel et al. Progress in Orthodontics (2020) 21:19